Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Question and Answers

Ever since Bill Poulo released his new Forex Income Engine training videos last week, there has been a LOT of interest and a LOT of questions.

If you’ve been to his training website lately, then you’ve probably noticed there are hundreds of comments and questions posted from traders hungry to get their hands on Bill’s new software & training program.

He’s been answering as many questions as he can directly on the website, but he just recorded a special short video that addresses the top 3:

  • How is the Forex Income Engine different from a trading robot?
  • What exactly will I get when I order the Forex Income Engine?
  • How much will it cost?

To see this short video, go here

I hope this addresses some of the questions you have about Bill’s new “predictive” short-term Forex software.

Also, MANY people seem to be interested in how Bill’s Forex Income Engine Trade Alert software has the ability to “predict” the near-term trend of the 6 best Forex markets while safely shielding your account from risk.

Make sure you watch this video to see how this is possible…

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Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software Review

Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software

Snapshot of some overall recent trade alerts generated by Bill Poulos‘s brand new Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software

Here’s a quick video Bill just recorded on Friday afternoon, and I think you’ll be astounded by what happened.

In a nutshell, even as the Forex markets were slowing down on Friday, his Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software generated 27 trade alerts on the 5-minute and 60-minute time frames he shows you in the video…

-and bagged 562 pips.

Of those 27 trades, there were 19 winners, 4 breakevens, and 4 losers.

That’s about a 70.4% win rate…

Now, it won’t always be that good – you could do worse & you could do better… but this is the kind of action he designed this software to capture.

And when you can capture this many pips, especially on a relatively “slow” day, it’s just AWESOME!

Go here to see the video…

Forex Income engine Trade Alert Software Live trading

Rumor has it that Bill will be announcing a big SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY tomorrow, Sunday, early in the morning, that will let you get his complete Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software at NO COST.

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